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Combat threats

Most security vulnerabilities ultimately come down to mistakes in software design or development. Here at Firesand, we have a deep understanding of software security and have developed – and are continuing to improve upon – a series of courses on software security.

These courses are aimed at software engineers, with the purpose of ensuring that every piece of software they design is secure. Additionally, it is aimed at security professionals who do not have a background in software security, to help them better combat threats.

Topics covered include:

  • Key security concepts as they pertain to software security.
  • Common software vulnerabilities (e.g. Injection Attacks, XSS, XXE, etc.)
  • How to design secure software, including security frameworks and security architecture principles.
  • How to develop secure software, prioritising robustness and correctness.
  • How to test for secure software, including metafiles, testing authentication, testing parameters, etc.
  • Threat modelling and risk analysis of software.
  • Secure software development life cycle.
  • Cryptographic concepts and implementation.
  • Access control concepts and technologies.
  • Advanced threat modelling and protocol analysis.

About the course:

Become a Certified Secure Software Engineer

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