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Essential Security

With the unprecedented events of 2020 still unravelling, the demand for Educational Technology continues to increase, and with it comes the rise of new and increasingly complex threats to the safety and security of your Ed Tech solutions.

Ed Tech leapt to a position of prominence when the Coronavirus outbreak forced educational institutions across the globe to close. Ed Tech is no longer just online textbooks, or tablets in the classroom, but an industry of advanced technologies that need robust Cyber Security plans in place to increase understanding, deploy sophisticated monitoring, and ultimately protect you and your Ed Tech solutions against potentially devastating security breaches and compromises. 

COVID-19 launched EdTech to the head of class, exposing the need for Cyber Security - and that's where Firesand comes in. It is essential that you work with a security team that understands your industry and the unique risk profile that you face. We are ready and excited to help.

At Firesand, our team of experienced Cyber Security experts find, flag, and mitigate any current and future risks that could impact the integrity of your EdTech. We will identify and remediate these risks with thorough analyses. We develop carefully considered, bespoke plans to provide you with a robust security framework that ultimately brings you peace-of-mind.

Firesand can help you:

  • Understand the risks that threaten your Ed Tech, identify what needs to be protected and why.
  • Meet your security responsibilities as a supplier to your clients.
  • Communicate your own security needs to your Ed Tech partners.
  • Develop assurance systems into your approach to managing your Ed Tech.
  • Build trust amongst your clientele through continuous improvement.
Do you understand the risks to your Ed Tech?
Do you have control of your Ed Tech security?
Have you built assurance systems into your Ed Tech?
Do you continuously improve the security within your Ed Tech?

Our Governance, Risk and Compliance Services

To deliver certified, accredited, publicly visible compliance into your Ed Tech, our experts will develop a tailored program of work with embedded security-focused governance processes and controls.


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