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iGaming Stay secure, stay compliant

Firesand Ltd is the ideal choice for the Gaming industry. Our team of experts, global reach, regulatory approvals, and commitment to ongoing compliance assessments make us the trusted partner you need to secure your online gaming platform effectively. Safeguard your assets, protect your reputation and maintain player trust, while staying ahead of ever changing cyber threats and compliance updates.

The gaming world is moving faster than ever, and so are the potential for non-compliance or a security failure,  As the gaming industry undergoes transformation, gaming companies, suppliers, and regulatory bodies are encountering everchanging intricate security hurdles/risks.

The simple fact is this: if you do not subject your gaming business to regular security testing (such as: penetration testing and vulnerability scanning) at the very least, then that business is not deemed by the regulators to be secure and compliant – no matter which other security controls you may have implemented.

But with many security providers unwilling to work in the gaming space, and others charging a premium for ineffective automated services, where can you find proven, human expertise to secure your gaming business - whether new or established - cost-effectively?

Step forward Firesand, at Firesand we are TRUE experts in this field, we cut our teeth in the gaming industry, with our founders having over 20 year of experience in compliance and security to iGaming clients, worldwide.  Firesand is a leading Independent Compliance and Security consultant to the iGaming market, with the ability to deliver services to multiple Jurisdictions ( 16 Jurisdictions | 2 Continents ) worldwide

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