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Our Security Training Courses:

The biggest cause of security breaches is human error. Therefore, training is vital in ensuring that you (and the other members of your team) are ready to handle security issues as and when they occur.

We offer two groups of training courses:

Our team combines extensive technical qualifications and accreditation with decades of hands-on cyber security experience across many different industry verticals. We're not only uniquely placed to secure your organisation, but to train you and your people how to do so, too. 

We do this the Firesand way, tailoring our training to your specific requirements in order to keep your security goals focused and attainable - whatever the size of your organisation and budget. 

So whether you're an SME or corporate, we deliver accredited cyber security training that covers everything from basic security behaviours for non-technical audiences to compliance, deep-dive application defence and Secure Software Engineering. All of this can be achieved in a way that suits you, with formats including e-learning, classroom, modular, or bespoke one-to-one tutorials. 

Click the links below for in-depth looks at our courses - and get started with Firesand Training!

Become a Certified Secure Software Engineer

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