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How secure are your people and their online practices?

Social attacks can range from social engineering attacks, which bypass security measures by exploiting people's trust, to attempts to compromise your social media accounts, harming your organisation's most seen online presence.

Often, people are just doing what they thought was their job - so you owe it to those in your organisation to understand exactly where their behaviours, tools and practices fall short. From there, you can decide which actions need to be taken to enable them to perform their jobs more securely in the future.

Social Engineering & Social Media Penetration Testing: what are they?

Our Social Engineering and Social Media Penetration Testing combines programmes that measure your people’s understanding of cyber security and attacker behaviour with in-depth security reviews and controlled attacks that probe for both technical and user-driven security weaknesses, across all of your organisation’s social media applications.

Our specialist consultants work as your security team, or alongside your existing security team, to identify and resolve security issues with your team’s everyday behaviours at work.

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