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Partner with Firesand

Boost your brand with white-labelled expertise.

Security is indispensable to your customers – whatever the size and nature of their business. But unless you make your security offering indispensable to them too, it might not always be your services they choose.

This is why you need to partner with Firesand!

At Firesand, our partner team of expert security advisers, consultants, architects and engineers go into your customers, under your brand banner, and add extensive value to your existing products and services – helping you to become that indispensable ‘go to’ supplier for all their security needs.

Why Partner With Firesand?

Firesand’s decades of security experience in many different verticals means we focus on delivering solutions and services that work for your customers’ specific business operating context.

In other words, we see security the way your customers do: it’s only doing its job if it’s protecting how they want and need to do business!

Combined with our team’s extensive technical qualifications and accreditations (SABSA, CCISO, CISSP, CIPP/E and many others), this business-centric approach enables us to frame security as an enabler, not a distraction, harnessing customer buy-in at an early stage and ensuring effective adoption at every level and function in the organisation.

How We Strengthen Your Security Offering:

Partner with us and you’ll be able to call on a complete catalogue of business-focused security solutions and services to complement your existing offerings at every stage of customer engagement - from initial consultation right through to finished deployment, with ongoing support and consultancy always available.

We help strengthen your security offering through:

  • Security design, development and strategy – A security-first mindset at every stage enables us to translate your customers’ business objectives into a strategic security roadmap that permeates every level of their business.
  • Data privacy services - We ensure not only that your customers become GDPR-compliant, but that they stay that way – with the minimum of manual input and effort on their part.
  • Assurance - We probe and test your customers’ cyber defences like a hacker would – and close the holes that are so useful to them.
  • Governance, risk and compliance – We develop tailored, structured programmes of work to deliver certified, accredited, publicly visible compliance into your customers’ businesses.
  • Training and education – From grass-roots security awareness, through coaching for Cyber Essentials / Essentials Plus accreditation, to targeted, role-specific GDPR training, we have the knowledge and experience to build a culture of receptiveness to your current and future security offerings within your customers’ businesses.

All these services can be white-labelled, so that the additional benefit your customers see and experience from our expertise comes with your brand name on it!

Talk to us about partnering with Firesand today!

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