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Our expertise in product security engineering delivers:

More efficient development

By removing the conflict between security audits and software releases.

More secure products

By making security considerations an intrinsic part of the development.

More motivated engineers

By removing unnecessary workload, and focusing on areas where it is valuable.

Firesand can help:

We want to bridge the gap between your product engineering and security compliance teams, creating a seamless pipeline through which secure, efficient development can occur.

In the days of waterfall planning, with long development windows and infrequent releases, the security audit could sensibly be a major pre-launch milestone. With agile development now the more common methodology, adding a security audit before each release is either a time-consuming ordeal or worse, a barrier that development teams can be tempted to sidestep altogether.

If your security audit process is rigorous, we can provide the additional resources needed to complete the myriad security questionnaires, leaving your engineering teams free to develop superior products.

Where possible, we bring our expertise to bear on the security audit process itself, shaping it to work in partnership with your product engineers, not against them.

Time and again, we see a security audit that is fixated on infrastructure, not product. Sound familiar?

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