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Firesand has begun two cyber security projects in the US iGaming industry in Indiana and Iowa.

The work comprises firewall rule reviews and penetration testing. Firewall rule reviews assess the security and performance of a company’s firewall to protect its operating systems, client information, and business operations.

Chris Blake, Director, and Principal Data Protection & Privacy Consultant, said: “Firewalls are not something that should be configured and forgotten about. They should be regularly reviewed covering firewall rules, access management, logging, and patching.

“A misconfigured firewall could leave the network exposed to the internet. Even a simple misconfiguration could lead to severe problems exposing vulnerabilities and open a business's systems to attack.”

If you have an online gambling business in the US (and also EU), talk to us about how to meet your regulations. You can find more information about Secure Gaming  Services or Get in touch to enquire more about our services.

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